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NSPW500GS-K1 NICHIA LED 5mm round, 15dg. 1

(White, 38cd/19Lm at 20mA, 300Lm/W, 18Lm/Euro, 2,4Lm/Kr.)

IME-5-10 LED Driver Driver for up to 10 LED from 3 to 5.5V 3 Euro each

(20 mA) Adjustable LT3593 IC)


MC14516 BCP 4516

CD4516 BCN 4516

BUK553-60B Logic level input mosfet

MAN6610 High Efficiency Red 0.56 inch

(14.2 mm) Dual Digit

IRLZ24 50V 8A Logic level input mosfet

D27C010-150V10 27C10 128K x 8 CMOS 4.00

AM27C010-205DC 27C10 128K x 8 CMOS 4.00

LM393 N

MC 7915 CT 7915

CA3161 E

MC1455 P

LF347 N

MC34004 P

MCT7824 CT 7824 24V Voltage regulator

DMC16202 Display 10.00


HY25-P LEM Current transducer 20